The Auction Finale Catalog Is Live!

Catalogs for my Auction Finale are now ready and available for shipping!

For more information and to view the digital catalog visit this link.


  • Jeannine

    Debbie, the first time I saw you in a movie was Two Weeks With Love, with you, Carlton Carpenter, Ricardo Montalban and Jane Powell. I still have the 45 I bought of you and Carlton singing Abba Dabba Honeymoon. Next time I saw you was in the Chicago area where we lived I think it was 1967, when you came to our picnic and then all my neighborhood was invited to a theater in Chicago (forgot the name) to see Divorce, American Style with Dick Van Dyke. You were on stage to talk to the audience. Then I saw you in Las Vegas once some years ago on stage. I wish I had been able to meet you! You have always been a hero of mine, especially after reading the issues you have faced and come through. Bless your heart!

  • Eileen Holst

    I watch iIt started with a kiss yesterday, I loved you and Glen together. Thanks for all the movies and happiness you brought to all our lives. Hugs E

  • Lola Stuve

    Everyone knows that “Singin’ in the Rain” is my number one favorite movie of all time! Thank you for saving so much of our motion picture history. I will be trying my best to attend the auction on that Sunday, to maybe come home with a bit of movie magic history. Wishing you many years of joy for all that you have given us!

  • Jamee Levy

    You were always a favorite actress of mine, and when i grew up i married into a family that was close to you…You are an amazing woman, loving, kind, always working hard so you could take care of the many people around you! I think you were the best thing that ever happened to Grampa. Now that they are all gone, I am pretty much the only one left to say THANK YOU DEBBIE, AND GOD BLESS.

  • vicki johnson

    aww I love your films Debbie! I love Tammy, & susan slept here….and the one with you and eddie, where the baby was put on your doorstep, sorry I forgot the name of it. I love singing ‘good morning’. you so remind me of my mother when she was young, she loved to sing! I loved the movie ‘mother’…my mom was like her..i still watch old movies when I can! love you Debbie!

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