The Auction Finale Catalog Is Live!

Catalogs for my Auction Finale are now ready and available for shipping!

For more information and to view the digital catalog visit this link.


  • Gary Princz

    It was an amazing experience to have met you @ Carrie’s house during the production of
    “Conversation with Carrie”. Good luck with the auction, I know it will be a success.

  • Jim McMullen

    Although I’d die for that “Kane” coat (something I can only dream of since I’m a pauper), I wish you all the best. Make tons of money and I hope all of this wonderful memorabilia goes to those who treasure each and every item. This world was given a true blessing in you, your art and talent Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the riches you’ve given us.

  • Robin

    I wish you luck with your auction, I hope everything finds loving homes. The items you collected are international treasures. I am shocked someone didn’t buy everything and keep a museum. You too are a treasure.

  • Debbie Chapin-Quirk

    Was born in 1954, was also named after you. love you all your movies. Unsinkable Molly Brown. How th West was Won, Tammy, Singing Nun, Goodbye Charlie, my 6 loves, Divorce American Style some of my favorites. You are a national treasure. God Bless you & your family, wish you great success on your auction.


    I was named after you and grew up with all your movies love them all and still watch them on GNC ABADABDABA TO YOU XO

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