The Auction Finale Catalog Is Live!

Catalogs for my Auction Finale are now ready and available for shipping!

For more information and to view the digital catalog visit this link.


  • Lula Churchill

    Both my husband and i grew up on your movies. You are the only actress my husband truly enjoys watching you . He hates musicals, but not you, we could watch everyday. Thank You for all your entertainment.

  • Pam Palmer

    I love to watch your movies. My daughter and granddaughter share the same birthday with you.

  • Justin Bay

    I love your movies Debbie :) my favorite is “What’s The Matter With Helen?” you looked great in the film Adele Stewart sure went through alot with Helen (Shelly Winters) , i still love this great film :)

  • Roger Briggs

    Dear Debbie , Best wishes in the future. Your dedication and contribution to the film industry will go un matched. Thanks for preserving our heritage. The American Film!
    I went to your book signing at The Grove last year. I had three books signed by you and a lovely photo op for me too. Indeed thanks for the memories…
    My Best
    Roger K. Briggs

  • Charlotte Poole

    I was only about twelve years old when my grandmother took me to a drive-in movie to see “Tammy and the Bachelor”, and I will never forget how much I enjoyed you and loved you. I begged for a Tammy Doll for Christmas and when I received her I was in heaven. I have always been and will continue to be a huge fan of yours. I wish I could afford to bid on something but I have my memories and movies…..Love you.

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