The Auction Finale Catalog Is Live!

Catalogs for my Auction Finale are now ready and available for shipping!

For more information and to view the digital catalog visit this link.


  • angel coffey

    my favorite movie is of course & always will b tammy & the bachelor !?

  • sian goh md

    Thank you Debbie for the music and dancing on celluloid. Singing in the rain is my favorite.lKeeping the Faith is another wonderful move. Love you forever and kisses.sian

  • Haydee Isabelle

    Dear Debbie,
    You are an inspiration to others. You picked yourself up, brushed yourself off and worked hard to survive. You give others a good example on never giving up. Thank you

  • Jim Anderson

    Debbie. You are my best actress ever!! I was a teenager when I saw you in Susan Slept Here!! I have loved you ever sinse! I think that was 1957—-I’m 76 now!! I would love to see you in person, just once!! You were in Muncie, Ind. once!! That is where I live! Some how I missed you! Come back!!

  • sherry hensley

    I have watched your movies, t.v. shows, and listen to you sing, you are a wonderful person in side and out, i admire the love you have for animals, you are forever in my heart, i hope i continue to grow old still getting to hear your songs in my ears.

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