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  • Grace Krentz


    I am 67 and live in Michigan. Have always loved dancing, and would love to see your show. It would be a privilege if I could meet you and wish you all the best in person. Do you have a show coming up this month in Wisconsin? Thanks for taking time to read my comments and question. Grace

  • Richard J. Walton

    Dear Debbie — Just a note to, once again, thank you for the personally autographed photo you so kindly sent to me as well as for the wonderful treasures you have made available for purchase from your Studio Store (I now have purchased two items). Your commitment to the preservation of these treasures is a gift you have given many, like myself, who cannot thank you enough. With all good wishes for health and happiness. Most sincerely, Richard

  • Kathy Coke

    Dear Debbie, I have an 8×10 glossy of you, autographed by you. It is signed It is beautiful. I was wondering how much it was worth. It’s in excellent condition. to my grandmother sometime in the 60’s-70’s, probably in Las Vegas. It is very beautiful and in excellent condition. Respectfully, Kathy Coke

  • Cody Begley

    I was looking at some photo albums this am and noticed a photo of me in 1956 when I was working for St. Josephs Hospital in Burbank California, I was 17 working in the Medical Photography Department. One of my main duties was to take photos of all new born babies, make proofs and show them to the parents. I remember when I took Carries picture in October, I think, and you gave me a 8X10j photo of yourself. I was waiting for the elevator one day and Eddie Fisher came out of the elevator, I introduced myself and asked him how he liked the photos of Carrie, he liked them very much. Seems like a long time ago!

  • Carolyn

    Hi Debbie,

    Just finished your new book and throughout I kept thinking how you ARE the unsinkable Molly Brown, exactly what you yourself said.

    I grew up with you as my idol, reading everything I could find about you. You were like a mythic figure for me. I finally met you after one of the shows in your casino, and I got your autograph, which I treasure.

    One thing that I never see mentioned is that you have aged extremely well, much better than any actress I have seen. It is very hard to believe that you’re 80.

    Keep going for many, many more years. We love you, Debbie!

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