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  • Dane Schneider

    Debbie, I live in Laughlin NV I thought you playing the Riverside casino in Laughlin NV this weekend the 6th , 9th but heard you cancelled.VERY SAD. Saw you 14 yrs ago in Glendale CA at the Grand Theater. You were great the show was great. Please rebook would love to see you again. Just a note I’m married too the neice of Brian Aherne the film actor from the 30s,40s,50s you might have heard of him. Waiting for your return. Dane

  • Diane Lance- Fearin

    Hi Debbie,
    You are adorable, sweet, genuine and loved!!! From Tammy to Molly and all the other wonderful characters you have played, you are awesome!! Would live to meet you someday! There have only been two people I have ever wanted to meet, you and Alfred Hitchcock!! So, I only have one wish left, since Sir Alfred is gone! I’m originally from Canada, then Michigan, Jersey and now Florida. I travel North often if you are around! Lol.
    Never stop smiling, I don’t! It makes life easier!

  • Binswanger

    A few days before Carrie was born. I came to the Reynolds (Debbie’s parents) door on Evergreen Ave, in Burbank and got Debbie’s autograph. You were charming. I don’t know what happened to the autograph, but I still have my grandparents furniture. Let me know if you are still interested.

  • Hana

    Hello Debbie,
    I liked your acting in Singin in the Rain and you were such an outstanding actress! Your singing voice was amazing and talented.

    From Hana

  • larry lackey

    hello, i have a original Marylin Monroe caleder still in the wraper, I’m getting older an would like to sell it, can you advise me on where i should go on line or phone to contact someone who might help me……..thank you so much, an btw i Love debbie larry lackey 615 3089226,

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