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  • Irene Ramut

    I remember seeing Tammy over & over again.

  • Jess Sumpter

    I just loved the old movies. Dial M For Murder, Guys and Dolls, all of Esther Williams movies and Fred Astaire was just terrific with the ever so talented Ginger Rogers. The movies now have to have so muany gimmicks and explosions to reach the audience, it’s ridiculous.

    Kim Novack, Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, Natlie wood were all amazing and lest we forget the amazing Cary Grant, my favorite plus Katherine Hepburn, Sopiha Loren and Spencer Tracy…. Real actors.

  • James Brown

    I met you on March 8,1952 at the Palladium. While speaking to a local radio agent, you walked up to “hawk” your new movie “Singing In The Rain”. You were on the arm of a new actor yo introduced as Robert Wagner. Ironically it began to rain rather hard. I was a GI and was taken by your vim, beauty, commonness and wit. I have always wanted to thank you for your down to earth attitude. I have lost all my buddies just as you have the members of the cast of the movie. Will see you in my dreams or Heaven. God bles you.

  • Carmella Vest

    Hello,I had been watching the movie auction show,on the SciFi network,I have been waiting to see if you had gotten all of your warehouses cleared out.
    I have loved movies my whole life,they were my only outlet growing up.Being an only child,to an older mother,and limited on my friends,it was my escape.
    At 10 I started going to the movies during the summer,I would be there when they opened at 11:00 am and would leave around 6:00pm when my mother got off work,she worked about a block.I went to the Palace Theater in Dallas,Tx.I would get lost in the beautiful carpets,the designs of the ceilings etc.As I did at the Music Hall at Fair Park.Didn’t you have a portrait painted by Dimitri Vail? There were paintings of his all over the Music Hall.I remember those just as if they were in front of me now…Do you know they are all gone!!!! I have been trying to find out who has them for years.Wish you could find out…they need to be open to the public.No one now even knows who he is,no artwork to be seen.Just us old ones know.
    Well,anyway,I met you several years ago when you were at the Bass Hall in Ft.Worth.And you had the flu….but you were wonderful.
    I shall shut up now,just know that I have loved you all my life,and thank you for all of the happiness you have given me….Respectfully always,Carmella

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