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Peter O'Brien

May 02, 2014

Just another guy in your legion of fans-me since “Two Weeks With Love” so I’m gettting on in years. Only times I saw you in person were :
(1) During 1970’s where you signed my diary after you had left a hand print in wet concrete ouside Department Store in Bourke St. Melbourne Australia. You said to me “My you’re tall” and I wished I was Carleton Carpenter.
(2) Few years ago at your Concert at Her Majesty’s theatre again in Melbourne-packed house and great show.

Love and best wishes for that wonderful Auction-Peter

robert schunck

April 08, 2014

debbie your the best

Joseph Hutto

April 04, 2014

Where do I begin. Both of my parents were products of the 30’s. Both have since passed. I do remember watching “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” every year around Thanksgiving. Our entire family enjoyed watching it from year to year. Thank you for your great acting and providing our family with such great entertainment.

Brian Dietz

January 30, 2014

I just wanted to thank you for the joy you’ve brought to my life. I was born in 1956 and “Singing in the Rain”; my Lord, I’ve seen it a few hundred times, but it always brings a smile to my heart. Thank you! You are an American Treasure and I just wanted you to know how your work has enriched my love for the arts. Thank You Dear Lady, Thank you.
Russell Cook

December 16, 2013

Hi Debbie, years ago I wrote you a letter to you asking for an autographed pic not thinking I would actually get one from you. However, much to my surprise I actually received one from you sometime later. Needless to say I was in shock! I have never been around anyone famous nor had I ever written to anyone like yourself so I just figured my letter would get lost or go who know’s where…But, as I said earlier I eventually did get an autogrpahed pic from you and I want to say thank you very much! You are just as gorgeous today as ever!!

Thanks again my friend

Dane Schneider

December 08, 2013

Debbie, I live in Laughlin NV I thought you playing the Riverside casino in Laughlin NV this weekend the 6th , 9th but heard you cancelled.VERY SAD. Saw you 14 yrs ago in Glendale CA at the Grand Theater. You were great the show was great. Please rebook would love to see you again. Just a note I’m married too the neice of Brian Aherne the film actor from the 30s,40s,50s you might have heard of him. Waiting for your return. Dane

Diane Lance- Fearin

November 16, 2013

Hi Debbie,
You are adorable, sweet, genuine and loved!!! From Tammy to Molly and all the other wonderful characters you have played, you are awesome!! Would live to meet you someday! There have only been two people I have ever wanted to meet, you and Alfred Hitchcock!! So, I only have one wish left, since Sir Alfred is gone! I’m originally from Canada, then Michigan, Jersey and now Florida. I travel North often if you are around! Lol.
Never stop smiling, I don’t! It makes life easier!


November 15, 2013

A few days before Carrie was born. I came to the Reynolds (Debbie’s parents) door on Evergreen Ave, in Burbank and got Debbie’s autograph. You were charming. I don’t know what happened to the autograph, but I still have my grandparents furniture. Let me know if you are still interested.


November 06, 2013

Hello Debbie,
I liked your acting in Singin in the Rain and you were such an outstanding actress! Your singing voice was amazing and talented.

From Hana

larry lackey

October 08, 2013

hello, i have a original Marylin Monroe caleder still in the wraper, I’m getting older an would like to sell it, can you advise me on where i should go on line or phone to contact someone who might help me……..thank you so much, an btw i Love debbie larry lackey 615 3089226,

Grace Krentz

October 03, 2013


I am 67 and live in Michigan. Have always loved dancing, and would love to see your show. It would be a privilege if I could meet you and wish you all the best in person. Do you have a show coming up this month in Wisconsin? Thanks for taking time to read my comments and question. Grace

Richard J. Walton

September 03, 2013

Dear Debbie — Just a note to, once again, thank you for the personally autographed photo you so kindly sent to me as well as for the wonderful treasures you have made available for purchase from your Studio Store (I now have purchased two items). Your commitment to the preservation of these treasures is a gift you have given many, like myself, who cannot thank you enough. With all good wishes for health and happiness. Most sincerely, Richard

Kathy Coke

August 26, 2013

Dear Debbie, I have an 8×10 glossy of you, autographed by you. It is signed It is beautiful. I was wondering how much it was worth. It’s in excellent condition. to my grandmother sometime in the 60’s-70’s, probably in Las Vegas. It is very beautiful and in excellent condition. Respectfully, Kathy Coke

Cody Begley

August 26, 2013

I was looking at some photo albums this am and noticed a photo of me in 1956 when I was working for St. Josephs Hospital in Burbank California, I was 17 working in the Medical Photography Department. One of my main duties was to take photos of all new born babies, make proofs and show them to the parents. I remember when I took Carries picture in October, I think, and you gave me a 8X10j photo of yourself. I was waiting for the elevator one day and Eddie Fisher came out of the elevator, I introduced myself and asked him how he liked the photos of Carrie, he liked them very much. Seems like a long time ago!


July 28, 2013

Hi Debbie,

Just finished your new book and throughout I kept thinking how you ARE the unsinkable Molly Brown, exactly what you yourself said.

I grew up with you as my idol, reading everything I could find about you. You were like a mythic figure for me. I finally met you after one of the shows in your casino, and I got your autograph, which I treasure.

One thing that I never see mentioned is that you have aged extremely well, much better than any actress I have seen. It is very hard to believe that you’re 80.

Keep going for many, many more years. We love you, Debbie!

Juliet Morele

July 25, 2013

hi im a musical theatre student, i have an assignment assigned to us that we must gather out information about our favourite musical theatres performers about what and who inspired them to become performers, so i founf your blog on the internet and thought i should take a shot and try it.

Diana Baumann

July 22, 2013

Just read Unsinkable it was great and bought back so many good memories of the MGM musicals. My sister and I have been fans for years, and Singing In The Rain is one of our favorites, every time we watch it we sing along with the music.
You had many hard times, but you over came them all and shared many good stories with all of us who read your book.
Many years ago I saw your show at the Valley Forge Music Fair in Valley Forge and you were great.
You are still great and an inspiration to many of us who keep on trucking regardless,
Diana Baumann

Deborah Read

July 18, 2013

Hello Debbie, my sweet lady …

There are so many things to tell you and I find that if I even attempted to describe all the smiles you’ve given me over the years, I will likely crash the hard drive on my computer and yours …

I’ve seen virtually every movie you’ve been in; I feel a few may have slipped past me but I’m always vigilant in watching for those I’ve yet to see. I have several in my collection including the essentials “Singin’ in The Rain”, “My Six Loves” and “Tammy and The Professor”. I introduced my grandchildren to “My Six Loves” one rainy Sunday afternoon and we had the best time cuddled up on the sofa, laughing and eating popcorn. They are all boys ranging from 4 to 11 (now) and they all laughed, albeit at different places within the film. What a gift that you are able to reach such young children with a movie from so long ago that was likely never meant for that target audience. You are a treasure.

My children (and grandchildren) have all been exposed to Hollywood’s Golden Age of movies and musicals. They get enough influence for what is targeted at them so I wanted quality movie history to also be a part of what they enjoyed. My youngest daughter chose Gene Kelly as the subject in her Music History class final exam project and was awarded for her thorough knowledge and presentation.

As for me, I can remember you on the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine years ago, perched in a tree in a pretty print blouse and pink pants (hope I’m remembering the colors correctly). My mom looked all over the house for that month’s copy because I intercepted it from the mailbox and read it over and over before I let her know I had it. That inspired a rule of making sure she was the first to read the magazine from that day forward … LOL.

For years, I’ve been charmed and inspired by your courage, talent and professionalism. From your stints on TV in shows such as “Will & Grace”, your appearances on Broadway which I’ve unhappily never been able to attend to your dedication with Hollywood’s beloved days gone by, I feel as though I know you. I suspect many of your fans feel this way as you’ve a way of connecting that is rare and to be admired.

See? On my way to crashing hard drives, as I feared. Speaking of computers (some segue, huh?) I noticed a few things on your website that may need some attention; don’t mind me, it’s just the editor/writer in me showing her quills. I’d love to be able to write in a less public forum on what I spied if you are interested.

Thanks again for being you. You could never give your fans a better, more wondrous gift.

Your eternal fan, Deborah

Charlotte Lipson

July 15, 2013

Your new book UNSINKABLE is very interesting and a great read although I as a single woman who never allowed any man to take charge of my finances, found your trusting nature frustrating to read about. Anyway I’m glad your costume collection saved you financially.

I have a fond memory of you. I worked for the NYC advertising department of PLAYBOY Magazine around 1961 and was signing in celebrities for a party and of course recognized you but the other young woman at the desk didn’t. She called you Eva Gabor and you immediately started talking to her in a Hungarian accent. Very funny! And you were adorable —dressed as I recall in a little suit and a hat with a veil, what nowadays the Brits call a “fascinator.”

Shirley Miller

July 13, 2013

Hi Debbie: I am about the same age as you and believe I have seen all your movies. I loved you in “Two Weeks with Love” in which you sang with Carleton Carpenter the wonderful song, “Abba Dabba Honeymoon”. I believe Jane Powell was also in this movie. I love all your beautiful costumes and other items from movies and plays that you have on display. Wish I had more money as I would love to buy some. I recently saw the movie “Give a Girl a Break” on TV…. a young man named Bob Fosse who was in the film got you the audition to dance in this movie. I was wondering if you could tell me if he was the great choreographer for many movies and plays who every one loved – I loved him also. You have been such an inspiration to many young aspiring actors and I would dearly love to meet you. If you ever do a book signing in the Orlando, Fl area, please let me know as I would love to get your autograph on your book “Unsinkable” which I enjoyed reading sooo much. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to say “hi” to you and let you know how much I admire you. We don’t have many classic actors left …. they don’t make musicals as great as they did back in the day …. and they certainly don’t have stars as marvelous as you any more. Most of the greats have gone…. but we are very lucky to have many of them still on film. Good luck to you in the future …. and keep on being the gracious Debbie Reynolds that you are!!!!! I love your advice column in the Globe and read it every week!!! One of your dearest fans, Shirley Miller


July 08, 2013

Just finished reading “Unsinkable”; I don’t know how you made it through it all. I was able to see some of your collection when you opened here in Las Vegas. What a shame that more people in the business were not interested in preserving those wonderful items. My husband and I were happy to be able to see you when you performed at the Orleans here in Vegas—-you were great. What courage you have. Thank you for your wonderful movies and for sharing your story.


June 16, 2013

I am writing this as I remember my sister, Leann, who was a fan of yours since 1952 when she met you in Central Park when you were filming ‘I Love Melvin’ with Donald O’Connor. She and I became fans for life and you brought us such joy..My sister was thrilled to meet you 50 years later when you were performing at the Mohegan Sun. It was such a thrill for us. My sister has passed on but, in her memory, I thank you for all the years of entertainment. God Bless You.

Rogan Kelly

June 16, 2013

Remember first seeing you in “Two weeks with Love” with Charlton Carpenter, and how wll
I remember the number “Abba dabba honeymoon” makes me a bit nostalgic, Thanks for the memories.


June 11, 2013

I have a friend who owns a sword that is supposed to be one of ten which were made for the movie “El Cid”. At the time of purchase he was given a certificate stating this is one of ten and Debbie Reynolds owns the other nine. We would love to find out if this is true.

Janet Holmes

May 22, 2013

I am 42 years old. I turned my husband on to watching musicals like Singing in the Rain. It actually is a movie that we still quote often. We even wake our parrots in the morning with the song “Good Morning! Good Morning!” I even play the movie for my 2 year old son =D. As a child, I always longed to see your casino shows in Las Vegas, where I grew up, If I were wealthy, I would readily buy from your store but for now I can merely afford to window shop. I wish you all the best and hope that you will feel the love and good cheer that you have given so many of your fans overs the years. I hope to get your book on my Kindle =D

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