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  • Peter O'Brien

    Just another guy in your legion of fans-me since “Two Weeks With Love” so I’m gettting on in years. Only times I saw you in person were :
    (1) During 1970’s where you signed my diary after you had left a hand print in wet concrete ouside Department Store in Bourke St. Melbourne Australia. You said to me “My you’re tall” and I wished I was Carleton Carpenter.
    (2) Few years ago at your Concert at Her Majesty’s theatre again in Melbourne-packed house and great show.

    Love and best wishes for that wonderful Auction-Peter

  • robert schunck

    debbie your the best

  • Joseph Hutto

    Where do I begin. Both of my parents were products of the 30’s. Both have since passed. I do remember watching “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” every year around Thanksgiving. Our entire family enjoyed watching it from year to year. Thank you for your great acting and providing our family with such great entertainment.

  • Brian Dietz
    I just wanted to thank you for the joy you’ve brought to my life. I was born in 1956 and “Singing in the Rain”; my Lord, I’ve seen it a few hundred times, but it always brings a smile to my heart. Thank you! You are an American Treasure and I just wanted you to know how your work has enriched my love for the arts. Thank You Dear Lady, Thank you.

  • Russell Cook

    Hi Debbie, years ago I wrote you a letter to you asking for an autographed pic not thinking I would actually get one from you. However, much to my surprise I actually received one from you sometime later. Needless to say I was in shock! I have never been around anyone famous nor had I ever written to anyone like yourself so I just figured my letter would get lost or go who know’s where…But, as I said earlier I eventually did get an autogrpahed pic from you and I want to say thank you very much! You are just as gorgeous today as ever!!

    Thanks again my friend

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