Vanessa Brown “Aurore D’Arceneaux” multi-colored striped period dress designed by Rene Hubert, Charles Le Maire and Ed Wynigear from The Foxes of Harrow

(TCF, 1947) Blue, purple, green and pink diagonal striped period dress with pink velvet waist trim and black lace and velvet bows on neckline, waist and sleeves. Handwritten label “517-37 Vanessa Brown and ANDERS” and stamped “1 27 7 6014”. Exhibits stains and black lace is torn in places. Sleeves have been shorted and black lace and bows added for repurposing. Designed by Rene Hubert, Charles Le Maire and Ed Wynigear. Worn by Vanessa Brown as “Aurore D’Arceneaux” on board the paddle boat when Rex Harrison is put ashore on a small island in The Foxes of Harrow.


Type: Womens Wardrobe

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