Harpo Marx Signature Vintage Top Hat

"Harpo Marx gave me his hat. I adored Harpo; he was the cutest thing since 7-Up. When I asked him if I could have his hat, he graciously gave it to me. His brother Groucho used to come to my house often. Groucho would always wear a tee-shirt that had his picture on it."

From the catalog:

Harpo Marx signature historic vintage top hat and wig acquired directly from him. Vintage 1930’s beaver fur top hat with black ribbed satin band and brim with internal attached blonde wig which was acquired directly from Harpo Marx and worn by him in numerous on-screen Marx brothers film appearances. Gifted by Harpo Marx to Debbie Reynolds.



May 15, 2014

Debbie, do you remember losing the bid for the brass bed used in “cat on a Hot Tin Roof”? To a lady from Texas back in 1970?
That was my Aunt. I now have that bed.


May 09, 2014

I absolutly loved the marx Brothers but Harpo was my fav.

Steve Westman

May 08, 2014

Wow!Loved him—and love you—you are what entertainment is all about!


May 08, 2014

They were funny brothers and I loved your movies.


May 08, 2014

Probably the very same hat he used on the skit with Lucille Ball for the I Love Lucy episode which is my all time favorite.

Jerry Becker

May 07, 2014

THAT is history, and from such an adorable man. The way his children spoke of him…a child of joy even as an adult, truly a role model for anyone who wants to make others happy. I’m in awe, it’s such a wonderful gift.

Bertram Pampanin

May 07, 2014


carmen m rubino jr

May 07, 2014

Wow Debbie …that is one of a kind Hollywood treasure …. just like you!

barry fischer

May 06, 2014

WOW! I loved him! What an amazing treasure. I’m sure it bring you GREAT fortune!<3

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