Romeo and Juliet Costumes

"These costumes remind me of a great film and a wonderful party given by Paul Allen who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates. He flew Carrie, Todd and my granddaughter, Billie from Los Angeles to Venice, Italy to attend a costume ball. Todd wore the costume worn by Leslie Howard in the 1936 film, Romeo and Juliet. Carrie wore Norma Shearer’s gown. I did everyone’s makeup – all my years of training at MGM came in handy that night! I am wearing a costume from Conquest." Debbie Reynolds

From the catalog (L to R):

Black silk velvet period gown with long dome sleeves, round neck and long train garnished with a spectacular intricate Jacobean floral pattern in gold bullion.

Tan long sleeve period dress with train, decorated with swirled black satin cording on bodice and shoulder scarves. Pale green sleeves accented with small gold sequins and gold lame cording. Waist belt garnished with large gold metal filigree buttons and white swirl glass buttons. Worn in the background of several scenes including in the procession, on the balcony and during the large fight scene.

Dark green velvet short puff sleeve, round neck period gown with train decorated with large gold sequins. Worn by Katherine DeMille as "Rosaline" when Leslie Howard steals a kiss at the masquerade party. Also worn by an extra at the ball in Conquest.


Mary Jane

May 08, 2014

Thank you for saving the Leslie Howard costumes. I have collected Leslie for almost 40 years. I was privileged to meet you at your first auction. (I sat next to Todd). I wanted you to know that the items I purchased from your auctions mean more to me than anything and I have displayed them to raise monies for charity. Your legacy goes on, Ms. Reynolds. Love to you and your family!

Keith Nieto

May 07, 2014

I met Ms. Reynolds recently on a TCM cruise. I actually interrupted her after dinner coffee as she held court and held every ones attention at her table. She was a darling and took photos with my dinner companions and myself. What moved me most was in an interview a day or two later where she shared her early hard financial times with those in attendance.She began to cry as she described the joy she had finally being able to buy her family a new refrigerator and some steaks after her new found success. There was not a dry eye in the audience. The lady won my heart when she was able to put aside all of the fame and glamour she had encountered with this simple loving memory of sharing her good fortune with those near and dear to her…Love this gal! Keith


April 24, 2014

Good luck at the auction- I loved your latest book “Unsinkable” and you truly are “unsinkable!” I must have seen “Singin in the Rain” 100 times and I still watch it whenever it’s on TV. It is one of my favorite movies and you were fabulous in it. Debbie, you are forever young!

Barbara Krupa

April 23, 2014

How grand and how lucky we are to have you Ms. Reynolds; to be here, so we can enjoy your hard work. Thank you


April 23, 2014

What a lovely memories you must have of all of these wonderful, actors, actresses, producers, directors, etc. The costumes are exquisite and you, Debbie, still look young
& lovely as ever! I’ve watched so many of these films over & over again! Can’t get enough of them. Thank you again for your years of entertaining America. God’s Blessings to you & your family!

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